Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been ordered by the State of Oregon to close our doors to the public.  We will be allowed to be open by appointment.  If any artist or patrons wish to come to the gallery, you may call or text Judy Pate at 541-783-2428; Christy Dugger at 707-499-1660 or Larry Dugger at 707-845-0602 and we will be able to accommodate you as possible.  


We are still working at the gallery on projects.  And artists checks for March sales will still go out (although sales were limited).  We will try to keep updates to the situation on the gallery website and gallery Facebook page.


Judy Pate, Director

Christy Dugger, Asst. Director

Larry Dugger, Bookkeeper


541-783-3326      -       www.2riversart.com      -       2riversart@gmail.com

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Fairclo-Ott, Bev 

Garrison, Anna Sereno 

Hagerman, Billie

Halvorsen, Charlie

Peterson, Kathleen

Reid, Anita Jeannette

Sherman, Mike 

Souder, Michael 

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