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Featured Work of the Week

Pencil Drawing by Charlie Halvorsen

C Halvorsen eagle.jpg
Quilt Show 2023.jpg

Chiloquilters Club

The quilters club enjoys 

meeting in the Gallery every week

chiloquilters 2023 001.jpg
chiloquilters 2023 002.jpg

Featured Artists

Liskey, Susan

Campbell, Dennis

Click a name to view more about the artist.

Primm, Vickie

Mansell, Kathy

Grimes, Bernice

Rambin, Shawn

Shaffer, Ruth

Weller, Dane

Dill, Nanci

Gibson, Jennifer

Tompkins, Nihala


Donations are happily received, and pledges are appreciated each month!  Put us on bill-pay for easy payment.

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