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Casey Primm

Vickie Primm​, representing Casey Primm

Although Casey has passed, his Sister, Vickie Primm, has continued to display and sell Casey's artwork. Casey was dear to us at the Gallery and he would visit almost every day with ice cream in hand. Casey made a living off his beautiful wood  artwork for years. The largest wood crafted wall hanging is his clipper ship at sea. 


Casey specialized in theme carvings, logos, maps and other art forms which are very effective in communicating and portraying a purpose, identity, and locations. The material he most often used was Luan Mahogany in multiple layers, laminated with Japanese ash on the surface. He used various carving methods to expose the inner wood levels with their alternately contrasting in grain direction. 


Primm's work has shared its visual eloquence in various galleries, homes and corporations throughout the United States. Although we don't have many of his works left, what we do have is amazing!  

primm open house.jpg
primm open house.jpg
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