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Traveling a mere 30 miles from Crater Lake is an adventure in itself!


Collier Memorial State Park has a few hiking trails for every age group. One trail follows along the beautiful Williamson River, where beaver, ducks, eagles and osprey are seen often. Don't forget your camera! Free parking and free admission to the Logging Museum.

Lake of the Woods is one of many areas filled with hiking trails. Flats and marshes are also popular with hikers. Many really enjoy the variety of different nature trails in our vast country side. Parking fee.


Crater Lake Zip Line, Oregon's Zip Line Adventure new Crater Lake is one of our latest additions. Where fun and excitement fill the air. Reviews include "it by far exceeded all my expectations," and "a thrilling experience and it's staff made all the difference  by being so cheerful." More info and reservations found on Facebook.
Chiloquin's Skate Park for kids that enjoy skating and the fellowship of other young people with the same love for skating.




Kla-Mo-Ya Casino has great food and great gambling. The new Motel is operational and ready for your visit now.  

Train Mountain is a miniature hobbyist railroad in Chiloquin where International Train Meets happen and fun miniature train enthusiasts house their train and venture through the hills of Chiloquin. It is the world's largest model railroad with 2200 acres of land and over 36 miles of 7.5 gauge track. It contains a museum, library, and store. 

Tribal Office

Native American Tribal Center where you can experience American Indian arts and culture in the Heart of Indian Country. Their website; Their Trial Office has displays of Native artwork from many parts of the country.


Country Style Living and Vacationing is a treasure many have not uncovered because they don't know where to look. Chiloquin is the place to look because all that we are is the dreams people dream and don't realize they can be a reality. "Chiloquin is a Gem many still need to experience!" Mayor of Chiloquin, Mark Cobbs.

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Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop also has handmade gifts and information for any tourists trying to find their way or looking for the many things available to do in the  Chiloquin area. The county's one-of-a-kind Art Gallery with     that country charm. Local artists whose artworks are beautiful, unique and affordable.
Ross Ragland Theater and Linkville Playhouse for music, dance, and plays filled with professional  talents. Entertainment is scheduled each week-end!


Chiloquin's Two Rivers Art Gallery is also a gift shop where gifts are made by hand from local artists. There are Native American style artworks as well as work created from pine needles, gourds, wild turkey feathers, textile art and useable items for display, coverings, and clothing. Wood furniture from juniper and other local woods can be found here, along with wooden clocks and artistic designs. Our pottery is beautiful and professionally sculpted.

"Best Fishing in America"
Williamson and Wood River Wetlands have a nice population of Brown Trout as well as Redsides. Sprague River and Sevenmile Creek are rivers that give all fishing devotees a high expectation of having a great day of fishing. Bodies of water in the area are Davis Lake and Crescent Lake as well as reservoirs. Klamath River is known for Salmon Fishing, . Upper Klamath Lake, Agency Lake with "some of Oregon and the U.S.'s largest redound rainbow trout." Spring is best for great fishing! We have Kircher's Hardware in Chiloquin where fishing licenses, gear, and advise as well as other outdoor recreation supplies for sale. 

Guided Fishing Tours from local guides. Lonesome Duck; has fishing guides.

Great Rivers for fishing and recreation: 
Williamson, Sprague, and Wood River.
 Williamson is a clear, clean river for kayaking, canoeing, and rafting as well as fishing. Sprague is a warm river for swimming and picnicking. Wood River winds through the flats in all its beauty.
Sky Lakes Adventures

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Elk and Deer tracking and sitings all around the area. is a great site for information. Roe Outfitters have guided tours.

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The water is crystal clear and the countryside is breathtaking.

Sky Lakes Wilderness Rentals, tells it like it really is, being more informational than other printed and electronic materials. They rent kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards in Chiloquin. 

Rocky Point Resort gives you the opportunity to rent boats as well as 
Harriman Springs, Resort & Marina
Agency Lake Resort  and Crystalwood Lodge have great food and lodging.
Crater Lake Resort and Lonesome Duck Ranch include canoes with room rent.
Crystalwood Lodge rents canoes to guests. 
Rocky Point Resort, Agency Lake Resort, Fish Lake Resort rent canoes, kayaks, and other boats. 
ROE (Real Oregon Experience) Outfitters offers kayaks tours and rents kayaks and SUPs.


There are many fine restaurants in Chiloquin: 

Potbelly Cafe
JJ's Cafe

Pot Belly Cafe

for those who love the small town feeling  (Open Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch)  541-783-0988

 JJ's Restaurant 

with Mexican and America food  (Open Tuesday through

 Sunday) 541-783-7777

crater lake junction travel center
Peak to Peak

Hangar 54 Pizza at the 
Travel Center
on Hwy 97

(Open every day) (541) 783-9800

Peak to Peak Restaurant
at Kla-Mo-Ya Casino 
(Open every day) 541-783-7529


 Chiloquin has  Family Food and Clyde's for your  grocery needs.

Family Food
Clyde's Market

We have a wonderful playground in the middle of the town surrounded by a beautiful park with basketball court, skate park, restrooms and picnic areas. 


Best birding trails in our area are found in the mountains, flat lands an marshes. Nearly 250 species of birds nest or migrate through. Mt McLoughlin Trail is #1 of top 15 Birding trails. Winter Wings Art Festival is enjoyed every year in Klamath Falls in February and includes bus tours to bird watching locations.  Marshal Moser, from Lonesome Duck  Ranch, is the bird Tour Guides for the North area.  The variety of birds in our area is unbelievable! 


River otter, mink, and beaver emerge along the sheltered marsh channels that follow ancient Indian travel routes. Mule deer, elk, bobcat, cougar, black bear, coyote, red fox and badger share our area.

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OC&E Woods Line State Trail


Bike Trails through beautiful pine & aspen trees and a breathtaking country side. Cycle Oregon makes their way throughout the county every year. The biking trails are  endless and there are numerous routes in Klamath Falls. Fort Klamath Loop and Westside Road are a couple. Clover Creek Road, Modoc Refuge, Dry Creek Basin, Ft. Crystal Springs Park Loop, Crater Lake National Forest and Diamond Lake have many trails to enjoy. The OC&E Woods Line State Trail is the longest linear state park in the state with various surfaces to ride on. 


Sprague River, Agency Lake, Lake of the Woods, Fish Lake, and 4 Mile are close by. Our rivers and creeks are clean and  crystal clear with sandy beaches. Sprague River is the warmer river for our swimmers. Williamson River is around 52 degrees year round and is only for the daring.


Camping at Collier Memorial State Park, Water Wheel, Rustic Lodge, Crater Lake Inn and Resort, and Walt's Campground make camping a treat. Dry camping at Kimball State Park near Fort Klamath. Klamath National Forest has a variety of settings to satisfy all outdoor recreational plans. All campgrounds are open in the summer; opening in mid to late May until the snow falls and shut down for the winter.  

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Crater Lake Inn & Retreat, Melita's Motel, Sleep Inn & Suites, Lonesome Dove Ranch, ​Aspen Inn, Crater Lake Bed & Breakfast, Crater Lake Country Suites, and Crystalwood Lodge. 


Collier Memorial State Park & Logging Museum
has yearly events. Living History Day is every Father's Day
in June, when lots of old equipment is fired up for the day.
In July there's a Log Truck Show that displays log trucks of
every vintage. All State Park events here are free. 


Favell Museum and Children's Museum 

are located in Klamath Falls.


Denominational and Non-denominational with a small town feel and a loving atmosphere:

~ Chiloquin Christian Center: Assembly of God

~ Our Lady of Mount Carmel: Catholic

~ Williamson River Christian Fellowship: Calvary Baptist

~ Seventh Day Adventist: Seventh Day Adventist

~ United Methodist Church: Methodist 


Our seasons are obvious and our activities numerous.

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