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JUDY PATE, Gallery Director

Your Director, Judy Pate, has used her talent and education to make sure this is done at the highest and most efficient way possible. She is a retired Art and Spanish Instructor of many years; licensed and having a Master’s Degree in Art Education with a Spanish Minor. She also has a Master’s Degree in Business Organizational Management. These two degrees and her experiences - which include managing three family businesses - brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the Gallery in the areas of culture, art, art education and appreciation, instruction, business management, marketing, and organizational skills.


"I began being the Director in April of 2015. At that time the Gallery was close to being closed. I saw this as a way to use my experience and education to hopefully be a help. From my perspective, I saw some nice artwork, although small amounts, that were a great start to a fresh, new Gallery. I saw the dedication from those who came before me and their desire to keep this gallery going. Through my nine years of being here, it has been a joy, a fun challenge, and a delight to work with artists and volunteers, and a way to fulfill some personal dreams for myself."


The years have shown the talent our county has; filled with artists who create beautiful and unique art. They strive to keep their artwork fresh in our Gallery and keep the prices affordable for all who come and check out what we have.


We are more than a Gallery. We are a gift shop where we have a price range and variety of artwork that make fine gifts. This has helped to keep the art gallery end of this prospering together. We are a Visitor’s Information Center, which brings in tourists who also buy our items, is a great plus so that we can do our part to help tourism in our area. This helps the businesses in our community. THANK YOU for letting me be a part of all the wonderful growth and fun friendships I have enjoyed throughout the years! And all this done, “For the Love of Art and Artists”

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