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Dave Kingman

David is a multimedia artist. He enjoys working with glass art, torch work, fusing, jewelry. He was formally trained in painting and also enjoys watercolor and oil painting.

David and his wife live in Klamath Falls. David moved from Eugene in 2021. He previously lived in Captain Cook, Hawaii for four years. A lot of Hawaii has influenced David’s artistic themes. Flowers and nature, as well as abstractions in the marbles is worth taking a long look at to see what you can see. David tells us “What inspired me the most in my work or other work is a little bit of a surprise that is slightly unexpected without being shocking”. This is shown a lot in his marbles. He enjoys people being absorbed into his art as they look into the marbles and find so much more to look at. It may be a face, a solar system, a flower, an animal, a butterfly on a flower, or whatever their minds see. David says, “I have seen the view from the high mountain lakes and I have seen the spectacular color explosion while snorkeling in tropical waters. I try to bring the wonder I have for nature to all my work.” That’s what makes these “marbles” so interesting and such a conversation piece. They are approx. 1 “ to 2” in diameter. David also has tiny glass bottles, a watercolor, paper weights- a nice assortment of glass artworks.

David was pleasantly surprised by the Two Rivers Art Gallery and impressed with the high standard of artwork he found with us. See more of Dave's work at his website:

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