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Judy Cockerham

Judy lives in Klamath Falls. She weaves beautiful shawl wraps, gloves, and rectangular shawls hand woven on a “RIGID HEDDLE LOOM” with an assortment of hand spun art yarn, specialty yarn and natural fibers. She also creates hand-felted vessel/bowls featuring mohair accents as well as crocheted project bags.

She is constantly creating new ideas for our Gallery and bringing them to us. She is happy, humorous, intelligent, and creative. Using her creative imagination, we are expecting fun items from her for the Gallery.

Judy’s story began when she went to a spinner & weaver’s meeting which was her first and last opportunity because of COVID. She met a wonderful member who took her under her wing and taught her how to weave and spin yarn. She gave her the confidence to learn as much as possible about the fiber arts. Judy’s creativity is unlimited! She enjoys knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, weaving, spinning, dyeing yarn, making journals, and wet-needle felting. Judy finds the process of spinning and weaving very fulfilling. She loves the calm and focus she receives from this practice. She is usually inspired by a variety of other artists she’s met at fiber/textile workshops. Beautiful yarns go in to all of Judy’s amazing scarves, gloves, purses and shawls.

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