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Michael Lewis

Most of Michael’s work is three-dimensional, welded steel or mixed media sculptures depicting farm animals or wildlife using salvaged steel or found objects to depict the various parts of the anatomy of the animals. He has made sculpture from small scale pieces to very large life size scaled pieces. His work addresses the relationship of man and nature. His artwork has a very whimsical, semi-abstract portrayal of animals being depicted in timeless metals. Michael prefers welded steel because of its durability and references to the industrial aspects of our history.

Michael has a background in ranching and rodeo. Most of the animals he prefers to depict in many of his sculptures have to do with agriculture and American wildlife. He has a Business in Fine Arts Degree and a teaching certificate in Texas. (Maybe we can talk him into some classes at the Gallery in the future.) He is inspired by his concerns with our natural environment. Representing them in a material that is long-lasting helps him to conserve American wildlife using art.

Michael lives in Chiloquin and is making new friends and participating in the community’s events, such as the 4th of July Parade. Our Two Rivers Art Gallery and his business, Frontier Wagons, got together and decorated a carriage drawn by one of his beautiful Belgian Horses. He has two other Belgians that he is also training for his business. (We have his business cards as well as his art business cards at our Gallery.)

Michael was impressed with the friendly, warm greeting he received at the Gallery as well as the diversity of artists and art work in the Gallery. We all would love to invite you to see Michael’s wonderful artwork!

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