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Michael Bolerjack

Michael lives in Chiloquin and has been selling his artistic bowls and spoons at the Chiloquin Friday Market. Many know his artwork and come back for more. His spoons are very popular and he has orders for a couple bowls that will go through Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop which we really appreciate. Michael grew up on the edge of the Hupa Reservation and this has been influential to his work. Michael has his artwork in three different galleries. He is inspired to develop his skills and display God’s beauty wherever he can.

Michael works with natural and unique wood and each piece has a story of its own. He uses wood and burls he collects from the west coast. His work reflects his vision of nature and brings this to his customers with a little soul in each piece.

A couple of his bowls tell the story of two different types of trees growing into one another and you can see this rarity right in his bowls. He creates lathe-turned bowls, platters, and hanging art, as well as hand tooled spoons, forks and stirrers.

Michael chose Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop to represent his artwork because he believes in supporting local businesses. He has sent many people to the Gallery and the Friday Market using his Facebook page.

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