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Fran Dearborn

Fran is one of our newest artists at Two Rivers Art Gallery in Chiloquin, Oregon. Fran lives in Klamath Falls. Fran’s friend, one of our artists Joyce Miles, told Fran about our Gallery and encouraged her to get involved. Fran works with many mediums - pencil, colored pencil, and acrylic paint. She loves to create through her art. She, like all artists, has a story behind her artwork that she would love to share. Many of her pieces reflect the flowers and environment around her, but she also likes to tell a story of family and history through her art. She has a Bachelor’s Degree with a minor in Art from OSU. She has received awards throughout the years. Fran is inspired by life and the people around her.

She is now working on developing a website and a Facebook page. She also has her art at the Klamath Art Gallery and is their Graphic Artist for posters and media interactions. I, Director Judy Pate, have seen her work and she does an amazing job creating professional posters, etc. She also has some of her art at Gino’s Café and Sports Bar.

Fran’s artwork has been juried in and approved. We welcome her into our Gallery family. Her work will be seen at Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop along with many other amazing artists. Her artwork is uniquely done and tells its own story. She has her originals at our Gallery at very reasonable prices because she wants them sold to help encourage her to create more. Many of our artists have this same wonderful attitude about their artwork and are so excited when we call them once their artwork sales.

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