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Two Rivers Gallery, located in Chiloquin, Oregon is a unique non-profit community art gallery, a project of Chiloquin Visions in Progress, the non-profit who runs the Community Center. The gallery is run entirely by volunteers and features all forms of fine art and artisan products, including acrylics, oils, watercolors, pen and ink, woodwork, pottery, beading, jewelry, glass art, photography, quilting, sewing, crochet and knitting.

The gallery's mission is to promote and encourage local rural artists, who might otherwise not find an outlet for their art.


- Judy Pate   

Judy is a retired Art and Spanish Teacher also having a Master's in Business. She is our Art Gallery Director and has been with us for over 2 years. We have seen our Art Gallery come to life under her management but she will tell you if it wasn't for the hard work and determination of those before her she couldn't have been able to accomplish what many call a unique and quaint Art Gallery having 80 talented local Artists.  ​


She loves working on her own artworks, authoring books, crocheting 

accessories, and oil paintings. She has set those aside, temporarily to teach classes and direct. She loves the art and artists as well as the team of volunteers who work hard to keep our Gallery open 6 days a week.

Judy is also community minded. Her and her husband, Pete have lived in Chiloquin for 28 years (Judy) and 40 years (Pete). They are in love with the community and the people. They have done so much to help the community and Judy is now working on refreshing the large Mural on  a building  wall facing the Gallery parking lot in order to preserve art in our area. Judy has also, with the help of the Gallery Designer, Heather Honeywell, to create Highway 97 signs which is going up very soon. Using the funding from local businesses and grants from Discover Klamath and Discover Southern Oregon.

Her purpose is to get travelers and tourists off of Hwy 97 into Chiloquin to enjoy all the treasures we have to offer!















Christy was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and became an American at the age of 19.   She, and her husband Larry, are world travelers and have lived in many different places.  The north coast of California was home to the couple and their children for 35 years.​

In 2014, they retired to the home they designed and built near Agency Lake, Oregon, about 25 miles north of Klamath Falls.  It is happily known as the "Dugger Resort" by the kids and grandkids.

Christy is what our Director calls, "Her cheer leader." She is a great help in arranging the Gallery floor area, creating a walking path that really works to help sales. She organizes the volunteers who work at the desk which is a BIG help. 

In 2014, Larry and Christy retired to the home they designed and built near Agency Lake, Oregon, about 25 miles north of Klamath Falls.  It is happily known as the "Dugger Resort" by the kids and grandkids.


The couple stays involved globally through membership in The Planetary Society and as members of Couchsurfing International, Inc., traveling and hosting people from all over the world.​

Larry brought with him many talents and expertise. He has devised a financial process Judy has been wanting since she came to the Gallery. It is such an easy system with so many variables needed for any Gallery. 

He continues to help us with our finances and we are so thankful! He is easy to work with and that is so important. 

Christy and Larry are both avid birders and the ""Dugger Resort" is perfectly located in the middle of the Pacific Flyway. 

Judy at desk.jpg
Susan Dougal.JPG


BOOKKEEPER - Larry Dugger

Larry Dugger

Susan loves to work with beautiful stones. She uses wire wrapping natural gems stones. This is her passion and it pleases Susan to create her jewelry. She uses turquoise, pearl, jasper, snowflake, crazy lace agate, lapis, moon stones, and hematite. She has pendants using reconstituted turquois stone, green moss agate, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and picture jasper. Her jewelry is sold at $27 - $140. She is a great volunteer in our Gallery and has recently become one of our Assistant Directors.


Dennis Campbell


Dawn Locke


Ron Busby


Nihala Tompkins


Ray Ruddell

Have you been thinking of volunteering?

Two Rivers Art Gallery has lots of opportunities! 

Here are just a few:

1. Work the front desk at the Gallery twice a month             
2. Participate in an event that markets the Gallery                             

3. Help in the office with different projects   

4. Help rotate artwork on the Gallery walls 

Call Judy if you have questions or want to volunteer!


Gallery Volunteers at the 2023 Meeting/Gala

Our Gallery Volunteers at Work!

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