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"For The Love of Art and Artists"

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Two Rivers Art Gallery and Gift Shop is a thriving Art Gallery filled with beautiful and unique artwork for the home and for special gifts. Its setting is in the quaint town of Chiloquin. Chiloquin is surrounded by pine trees and aspens and has two different rivers flowing through it. 

Our Gallery and Gift Store is filled with art from over 80 different artists; most living in our area. It is amazing to see the exceptional work they have accomplished. From paintings and drawings to jewelry and pottery. 

Take a look at all we have and send us a message on the "Contact" page if you see something you like!


Weather in Chiloquin and Southern Oregon

More info about our Gallery from the Director!

Herald and News has been one of our supporters since 2015. I met with the Assistant Editor and explained about our Gallery. At that point, it was ready to shut down and I had just been given the volunteer job as Director of the Gallery to see what I could do to help it. Just coming out of receiving a Master's Degree in Business Organizational Management, I felt I had been divinely designed for this opportunity.


Upon accepting the position, I found that the Gallery was about to close and had only a handful of artists and no money. I was retired from being an Art and Spanish Instructor and was looking for something part-time, even if it

would take time to be paid. 


I was able to go out and recruit artists and add to our membership every year. I also got involved in tourism because I could see how that could be a help to our Gallery and we were already a Visitors Information Center, which was a plus.  Through increasing connections, grants, volunteers, and partners (like yourself) in Klamath County through the years, I was able to get Two Rivers Art Gallery on the map. To help with marketing the gallery, I added "And Gift Shop" to the name. 


Now, in 2024, I am still the Director. We have 110 artists from Klamath County and a few from farther away, who

are exceptions. We took in more sales this year than previous yearsWe went from $9,000 in sales the first year to almost $60,000 in sales this last year; 2023. 


Amazing, Right? I still don't make any money doing this job, but I love it so much I don't mind. It costs so much to pay an employee. We have applied for and gotten many local grants, which has helped us through the years. I no longer have to go out looking for artists and partners - they come to us. We are well known in Oregon and California and are a tourist stop for those going to Crater Lake. 


I am humbled by the success that has happened with our Gallery. I consider this my ministry and I give God the credit for all of it. I also have a wonderful group of volunteers that are loyal friends and like family. We all love coming to our Gallery and call it our "Happy Place".  


Thanks for caring!

Judy Pate, Gallery Director

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