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GeorGene Nelson

GeorGene is one of our newest Artists! She lives in Chiloquin and her company name is “GeorGene Wright-Nelson Designs”. GeorGene GeorGene is a Klamath Tribal Member and creates decorative mugs. The language on the mug is a Klamath Tribal language with the translation into English on the other side of the cup. The decorative artwork is a digital duplication of colored pencil art originals created by local Wright family of Chiloquin, Oregon. The artwork is inspired by Pow Wow dancing at tribal Pow Wows. The Wright family’s artwork has won art awards for use by Tribal events and Tribal Pow Wow groups used their artwork for CD covers.

GeorGene is a championship Pow Wow Dancer. The mountains, hills, water and seasons of this area that have inspired her through the years. She has ridden horseback across former Indian Reservation land gatherings, picking huckleberries and wild plums like that of many generations before her. The Wright family is inspired by designs reflecting on their Tribal heritage.

GeorGene choose Two Rivers Art Gallery because of its popularity, because it's a visitors site and it is a beautiful place for artists to display their work. She wants to bring in her work to a place where locals and visitors can buy her culturally themed artworks. She has plans to bring in more of this type of artwork in the near future.

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