JUDY PATE, Gallery Director

JUDY PATE is a retired Art and Spanish Teacher and also has a Master's in Business. She is the Art Gallery Director and has been with the Gallery since May of 2016.  Judy has written and published two books and an art workbook on learning how to draw. It took her 6 years of gathering easy and fun instructions using her students as a foundation of knowledge concerning what art lessons worked for them and were fun. Her knowledge and experience with art shows as she finds wonderful artwork for the Gallery. 

She loves working on her own artwork, authoring books, and crocheting accessories. She has set those aside, temporarily to direct. She loves the art and artists as well as the team of volunteers who work hard to keep our Gallery open 6 days a week.



Gourd artists - Klamath Falls




Furniture maker and painter, Pete Pate lives in Chiloquin, Oregon. Pete uses a lot of juniper in his furniture as well as pine and redwood. He creates table lamps, floor lamps - some with tables and some without. The Dining Room Table seats 8 people. This one is SOLD but Pete can make one for you with your personal design. Tables can have a variety of inserts - a river! a beach! There's no limit.


Beader -  Sprague River, Oregon



Painter - Klamath Falls, Oregon


Heather is another creative Artist who has done what others have never thought of doing. After using a number of different surfaces, she found that wild turkey feathers work well to paint on with acrylics. Her painting abilities are remarkable as she paints horses and many other types of animals that are realistic and beautiful. 

She does most of the design work for the gallery. She has professionalism and the ability to design whatever we ask of her in an efficient and enjoyable manner. She is always willing to help any way she can and that is valuable in an all volunteer family of artists.  Heather lives in Culver with her husband, three dogs and three horses.



Sue enjoys working with many types of beads and stones. Her quality is easily seen in her work as well as her eye for putting just the right combination of trinkets together attracting many buyers to admire and buy her jewelry. She enjoys creating unique and affordable earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. She is one of our top sellers at our Gallery right now for good reason.  



Marshall comes to us with a lot of experience in sculpting a wide variety of exceptional art pieces one can enjoy in their home. Taking pieces of nature and putting them  in their own natural habitat. 

Marshall also uses his creative skills to design artworks into water features for yards and public businesses where the water splashes over unique and intriguing pieces with outdoor themes that bring nature to life. He puts them together with precision using natural products found in nature. He has been commissioned by restaurants and individuals who love his work. 


Honey Supplier - 

Klamath Falls, Oregon


Sculptor - Chiloquin, Oregon



Jewelry Maker -

Klamath Falls, Oregon



Josiah enjoys acrylic because it's the medium he's most familiar with. He says he has always loved painting, carving and making things pretty. Josiah received a reserve champion award for his Bare Bread painting. He says God's creations are what inspire him to create the work he does. 


Jewelry Maker -

Klamath Falls, Oregon




Interest in artistic endeavors began in childhood with pencil drawings and doodles in the margins of her school work, but it was a chance lesson 20 years ago by a good friend that got Susie started with jewelry. Learning how to make a simple wire wrapped loop evolved into a passion for all things beaded.

After retirement from a 35-year career in nursing, she now spends her free time creating unique necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with an eclectic, Southwest, and often bohemian vibe. Bright colors dominate many pieces, as well as funky and chunky elements of stone, African trade beads, wood, turquoise, coral, bone, copper, brass and Tibetan silver, among others. 

Susie was born and raised in Klamath Falls, where she returned after college to live with her husband of 42 years. His interests include woodworking, furniture making, and car restoration, so retirement offers plenty of opportunity to explore their passions.



Susan loves to work with beautiful stones. She uses wire wrapping natural gems stones. This is her passion and it pleases Susan to create her jewelry. She uses turquoise, pearl, jasper, snowflake, crazy lace agate, lapis, moon stones, and hematite. She has pendants using reconstituted turquois stone, green moss agate, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and picture jasper. Her jewelry sells from $27 up to $140. She is a great volunteer in our Gallery and has recently become one of our Assistant Directors.  Thank you Susan!



For Aurora, photography is a process that ends with a beautifully executed print that lasts. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography and Graphic Design from California State University San Bernardino. Aurora chose Two Rivers Art Gallery to expand her networking and she enjoyed working with several artists who are already members here. She has her work in MJ Art Gallery and Klamath Art Gallery - both in Klamath Falls, Oregon. 



Summer describes her work as colorful wildlife and nature scenes, with semi-realistic subjects and symbolic meanings. She usually uses acrylic on canvas but sometimes also on interesting surfaces, like rock slabs. Summer has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is inspired by her Christian faith, wildlife, horses and nature. She recently had her work showcased in the Smith Rock Ranch Mercantile in Terrebonne.



Photographer - Klamath Falls, Oregon


Jewelry artist



Christy Dugger was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and became an American at the age of 19.   She, and her husband Larry, are world travelers and have lived in many different places.  The north coast of California was home to the couple and their children for 35 years.​

In 2014, they retired to the home they designed and built near Agency Lake, Oregon, about 25 miles north of Klamath Falls.  Christy and Larry are both avid birders and their home  is perfectly located in the middle of the Pacific Flyway.  Christy loves everything science fiction and is a lifelong fan of figure skating.  

Christy is an artist, scientist, draftsman, teacher, youth advocate and futurist!​ With skills identified very young, Christy had her first one woman show in the fifth grade.  By 18, she became disillusioned and joined the idealist movement to "save the world” which led to a career in Environmental Planning and Design.





Printer ~ Chiloquin



Dennis is an expert in quality gems. To name only a few - opals, agate, jasper, tiger eye, amethyst, garnet, and peridot. Every piece of jewelry Dennis sells for only a little above his costs. He loves to be able to do this for our customers and is one of our great volunteers. He is in our Gallery on Wednesdays and he can tell you what each gem is, it’s worth, and puts all the stones in his jewelry on his tags. He can also design jewelry to your specifications. Dennis specializes in gemstones and uses opal, agates, jaspers and many other earth mined minerals and rocks. He says, "I am inspired by color and try to blend them with different shapes to make the entire piece a part of the art. My focus is gemstones, opal in particular, and I plan to start mounting and using my large collection in my newer works. I will create and repair items like you want them. I love to explore Oregon’s wonders and experience the outdoors. I do fabrication and paintwork on RC tanks and trucks. My special talent is finding the best materials at affordable prices and making jewelry people are passionate about."



Robert creates the most beautiful and eye-catching sculptures out of gemstones. He combines different types of gemstones to create such attractive, creative artworks. After 2 years of creating stone jewelry he was led to create new forms of sculpture. In March of 2016, he displayed his artwork at the Klamath Falls Sage Brush Rendezvous and the Winter Wings Festival. Bob was also featured in March 2018 Herald and News. This is where our Director of Two Rivers Art Gallery spied him out and unremittingly captured his interest. It is the creations of God and the beauty in the stones that inspires Bob. Bob’s talents don’t stop here, he is also a Published Novelist found on Amazon and a singer-song writer on Robert Dennis Wilson at ReverbNation.com.  


Painter - Klamath Falls


Sculptor - Klamath Falls



Larry is a Klamath Falls photographer. He uses photography, illustration and watercolor to create his work. Birds in their natural habitat is what inspires him. 



Gale lives in Klamath Falls, and creates landscapes and seascape sin conte pastels. He enjoys pastel because, as he describes, "it is fast and you just draw and paint at the same time". Gale began painting when he could no longer run on the tennis court. Gale has won awards for his work in Oakland, ElCerreto, and Crescent City.  You can find Gale's artwork at the Art du Jour Gallery in Medford, Oregon and with the Oakland, California Art Association.



Klamath Falls - Photographer. 




Chiloquin - Fiber Artist


Painter , Mask Maker


Painter - Klamath Falls



Jean lives in Chiloquin.




Jane lives in Gales Creek, Oregon. She is one of only two artists who live out of Klamath county. We decided to receive her artwork because its theme goes so well in the gallery and her paintings are very professional. She has the great personality we look for in our artists and is easy to work with, bringing in new paintings every year. 
Jane works in acrylics and scratchboards. She has an art degree from Art Center College of Design. She is inspired by nature and wildlife and hopes to expand her talent into new mediums.



Chris Hellner says she's one of the many artists that are lucky to have her work in Two Rivers Art Gallery! She says, "I make pine needle sculptures and pebble art, using all natural materials.  I began the sculptures about 6 years ago, after taking a basket-making class. I decided the conventional baskets were not as interesting to me, so I began experimenting with bark and driftwood as my bases. I found it exciting to be surprised with each piece- as I never planned how it would turn out - they just  'happened' ". Chris uses Ponderosa pine needles, driftwood, bark, pinecones, seaweed, shells and anything else in nature that looks interesting. About a year ago, Chris decided she needed a break. So she looked for another outlet. She began finding various sized small pebbles and found that by arranging them, could make some cute pictures. Most of them tell a little story. "I enjoy making my art and putting smiles on peoples' faces!" says Chris.


Painter - Klamath Falls


Mixed media - Chiloquin


Debby Ashdon

Debby is one of our needlecrafters. She uses wool produced on her ranch, hand spun, with some natural dye, crocheted or woven on a loom. She uses a variety of mediums: cotton, silk, acrylic, and beads. Her scarves and other items are uniquely beautiful, made from original products. She has a love of developing products by hand. She has entered her artwork into competitions where she received red and blue ribbons. Please come and see Debby’s new art! You too will be impressed. Bring some friends. Debby also has her work at The Klamath Art Gallery.



More info coming soon!



Ruth lives in Chiloquin and creates top quality, fine beadwork. She used to deal in antiques and do beading on the side, and now she is back to beading after a years long break. Color and love of detailed work is what inspires Ruth.


Painter - Chiloquin



Kori is a Native American painter, and potter. Kori a mixed-blood Navajo of the To’ ahee’d Lii’nii

Clan (Where the Waters Flow Together Clan), is also Cherokee and Mohawk. Her Grandparents were
from the Canyon DeChelly, and the Lukachukai areas of the Navajo Reservation. Being raised with the
Navajo traditions and stories by her Grandparents, Kori feels it is impossible to do her art work without drawing from her deep love of the traditions she was raised with. Kori lives “way up in the mountains" where she has a studio and working gallery, and the beauty inspires her. Her art name- Dine’ Woolchoo’n, means- Navajo Quilt. Kori retired from teaching Watercolor painting at OIT, and was also a Professor of Political Science, teaching Native American Studies at Metro College in Denver, CO., since 2004, teaching Native American Studies online since fall of 2010. Kori and her artwork can be seen in many shows local to Colorado and Oregon and National shows all during the year. Kori has had shows at the Mari Michener Gallery in Greeley CO, among other places. Kori has a deep love for the Earth, her Mother, and its people, and uses her artwork for teaching, healing and enlightenment of others, as her Navajo traditions and examples have taught her. All of her pottery and paintings are a direct result of something that she has experienced or learned and wishes to share with those around her. Being a professional artist for 47 years, and an educator for 36 years, Kori now calls her art work Story-paintings, and Story-pots. So, due to the requests for the written stories about each piece, when you buy one of her pieces, Kori will make sure that you have the story as a part of that piece, and will be glad to answer any questions you might have, if possible. She also feels there are some things about her culture that will remain only with her people, as she was instructed. There is a need for all of us to understand one another, and this education and love for people, while still remaining uniquely diverse is what drives her artwork. She invites you to joyfully participate with her in the dance of life as you enjoy her art work, and she challenges you to dare to live and be a part of your own life and future. 


More info coming soon!


More info coming soon!