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Hope Piper

Hope Piper lives in Chiloquin. She is all about the Native American culture and her weaved baskets are all done in the same way baskets were weaved many years ago by our Native Tribes. Hope creates basket work, bead work, leather work, brooms, pottery, and jewelry.


She uses willow rushes and Ratan beads in her leatherwork. She loves to reflect the natural world through art. Hope demonstrates her basket weaving every year at the Living History Day at Collier Memorial State Park. She has shown her artwork at many galleries in our area as well as at Crater Lake, Hempfest, Farmers Markets, and Briscoe Art Wing. She has show her artwork at Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop since September of 2017. 


You can find her on Facebook: Hope Piper/Willow Raven

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