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Dave Dittman

Dave cheerfully and humbly describes his life’s attitude in terms of immense gratitude. He recognizes how blessed he is to be born in the United States of America. He is grateful for his church and all the church family, and all the earth has to offer with what God has created for us to enjoy. Dave is inspired by those in his youth who encouraged him with words like, “Dave, you have a good eye for art”. Dave was also encouraged by his talented public school teachers through the years, and later in life, the professors at Brigham Young University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree with a concentration in Statistics, Accounting, Economics, and Art.

He appreciates the opportunities he had along the way to frequent some of the finest art galleries in the United States and throughout Western and Southern Europe. Dave’s wife grew up in Chateaufort, a small village near Versailles, France. Their youngest daughter and her husband live in Florence, Italy.

When it comes to techniques, Dave particularly appreciates “chiaroscuro”, an Italian term combining “chiaro” (meaning bright or clear) with “sucro (meaning “dark or obscure”). When combined, these contrasting components can produce sharp, distinct and remarkably evocative images.

Dave’s books include prints of his original artwork along with their “stories”. He says, “the thought every picture tells a story guides my historic ‘American Frontier Art’”. Through his art and their stories, Dave seeks to encourage viewers to respect and remember the heroism, hardships, previously untold stories and likely circumstances accompanying the courageous men, women, and children among our Pioneer forebearers, focusing “Along the Oregon Trail”.

Dave is a welcome new artist that we are excited about having in our Gallery. You will find his books of photos of his artwork and their stories interesting and heart-moving. You too will be taken with the messages of his art that will inspire you, as appreciators of art and history, to connect with our beautiful country and all the attributes that come from living in a land that was settled by adventurous pioneers seeking a new start in a country filled with the freedom to be whoever they choose and to be able to choose the way in which they worship. Dave’s paintings and stories reveal what many who live in our great nation take for granted and helps us to rediscover the privileges that are

ours as Americans of the USA.


Dave invites you, as we all do here at Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop, to come in and see the wonderful art and stories he has brought into our Gallery. We are open 11-5, Mon-Sat. 

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