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Butch Wright

Butch is a retired logger and has been collecting wood for carvings for a long time. He worked on the Oregon Coast and has access to myrtle, maple, and other woods. He likes to create art and functional pieces for others to enjoy. He also works with fabric, metal, natural oils, and resins. Butch strives to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Butch was one of our artists years ago.

Butch makes juniper tables and bowls, pine bowls and blue pine (bunion) bowls. He polished up his myrtle wood with resin to create a shiny, beautiful heart nick-nack. He also makes cutting boards that are unique. Great for decoration in your kitchen. Of course you can use it as a cutting board as well. He makes myrtle wood spoons that are food safe as well.

Two Rivers Art Gallery invites you to come and see some of Butch's artwork and, of course, bring it home to enjoy every day. He lives in Sprague Rivers so the Gallery is nice and close for him.

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