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Painter - Klamath Falls

Billie was raised on a cattle ranch in Idaho. Her husband and her have made Klamath Falls their home. She likes to put her own interpretation on a scene or item she considers interesting. Bringing out the personality of any person, or animal that she paints is always her aim.

Billie has been with Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop since May of 2010! She has been a lovely artist to work with through the years. Billie uses mediums such as watercolor, pastels, Prisma color, and graphite. She is great at changing out her artwork every three months with a wide range of gorgeous paintings. She paints scenery pictures such as Springtime in the Marsh, Hidden Lake, Quiet Cove, Cowboys, Red Breasted Merganser Bird, Mallards, and Ancient Potter
renditions. From flowers to birds, westerns to sceneries, her artwork covers a wide range of themes. Her skills as a painter are right up there with the best professionals and we consider her one of our truly professional artists. Come see this skilled artist at our Gallery!

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