Annual Valentine Dinner!

Two Rivers Art Gallery and Gift Shop put on the Annual Valentine Dinner at the Community Center in Chiloquin as a fundraiser for Chiloquin Community Builder’s Economic Development Team. They have plans to reconstruct some of our downtown historical buildings into living areas and well needed businesses. 80 people participated. We want to give our thanks to the Old Time Fiddlers, Pot Belly Cafe’s owner Dana Ward and all those who helped. It was a great success!

                                                                                                  - Judy Pate, Director

Featured Work of the Week

Len Wilder


Read more about them here!

Ashdon, Debby 
Aspell, Susie
Biddlecome, Josiah
Campbell, Dennis 
Candelaria, Ruth 

Curran, Marshall
Derrickson, Summer

Dougal, Susan 
Dugger, Christy 
Erickson, Judy
Fairclo-Ott, Bev 
Fisher, Sue

Garrison, Anna Sereno 
Gogo, Bill

Guy, Kori

Hacking, Valerie
Hagerman, Billie
Holt, Gale

Honeywell, Heather
LeCours, Zoe 
McCallum, Jessica 
Miles, Joyce R.
Orea, Humberto 
Peterson, Kathleen
Reid, Anita Jeannette

Ruddell, Ray 
Sherman, Mike 
Simpson, Aurora 
Sinclair, Jean
Souder, Michael 
Tepper, Gale
Vanderzanden, Jane

Wilson, Robert
Woolery, Donna

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Valentine's Dinner 2020