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Pat is one of our many jewelry artists and creates wire wrapped natural stones, and silver or gold filled wire - bringing elegant beauty to her jewelry. She puts together a variety of jewelry and is also very affordable. She loves to display natural stones and wrapping them with wire in very artistic ways creating a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Pat grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California which gave her an appreciation and love for nature at an early age. She has always been fascinated with rocks. Her parents were also rock hounds and spent many years hunting for and collecting special treasures left by nature. She enjoys the stories behind nature’s interminable designs. Pat’s parents also taught her about cutting and polishing semi-precious gemstones; exposing the inner beauty in the best way possible using so many kinds of stones and putting them delicately in to a fine jewelry pieces. She is a long-timer with our Gallery - she's been here since May of 2016! She is a superb jewelry artist creating malachite, jasper, blue/black fused glass, pink opal and turquoise beaded, silver and gold pendants. Pat also creates gold-filled wire jewelry with jasper, turquoise, bone bead, and calcite stone beaded earrings, bracelets, chockers, and bracelets. Her wire wrapping technique adds to these brilliant and reasonably priced beaded jewelry pieces. Other gems found in her jewelry are pearl, horn coral, white plume agate, agate, jasper and ocean jasper, abalone and labradorite. She also uses wood materials such as petrified wood and natural sea shells like abalone. The array of options are a jewelry enthusiast’s dream. Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop has so many choices for our customers and Pat brings them what they want at the price they can afford.

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