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Janet is a local Quilted Bag & Purse Designer who lives in Chiloquin, and her favorite medium is fabric and textiles.  A retired computer database designer, Janet is an avid Quilt-maker, Bag Maker, and Linus Supporter of Quilts for Children.  Janet has created some fabulous Quilted Bags and Purses, which we are delighted to have at the Two Rivers Art Gallery.  Each one is beautiful and unique.  Her talent in quilting is unsurpassed, constantly evolving, and we are so grateful to have her Quilted Bags and Purses on display.  Janet has a beautiful array of colorful fabrics from which to create her designs.  In her spare time, Janet also loves hunting and fishing with her husband in southern Oregon.  Janet is inspired by:  #1 God's choices; giving to those in need; outreach in the areas of our communities; and keeping her sewing machine running!

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