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For The Love of Art and Artists

There is something so special about working with talented artists; hearing their stories and the stories connected to their artworks. If you listen, you will hear their heart. If you look, you will see their heart.

This makes art galleries and specialty gift shops especially pleasing to those who understand the personal touch revealed in each artwork. Each piece being unique, worth so much more than the price, and meaningful. How much better is a gift that brings with it the heart of the artist, the price which makes it buyable, and like no other. Our artists create each artwork uniquely so there are very few replicated.

When someone buys a gift at our Gallery, they are able to put the artist's card with the gift. This can't be done shopping at a big box store.

Come see us! Chiloquin, Oregon just off of Highway 97, North of Klamath Falls. 541-783-3326 Tuesday-Saturday 11am - 4pm

Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop having over 3,000 sq ft of artwork.

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