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Artist News

Mark your calendars and join us at the Chiloquilter's  Quilt Show!

Quilt Show 2023.jpg

Thank you for making the 2022
Harvest Art Festival a success!

2022 Mask Mania Event Winners

Fan Favorite
student work

    Mask Mania was such a fun event and our Assistant Director, Christy Dugger, did a great job organizing it. She involved many other art galleries in the event. People had so much fun voting for their favorite mask and we had a great Gala Party Awards event which was our finale.
   Valerie Hacking won Fan Favorite award along with other category awards. We had 37 masks in the contest receiving $75 in the category they won in and $100 for the chosen Fan Favorite award from those who voted. Our Student awards went to Levi Piper, Kira Chambers and Araya Holster. Everyone created such great artwork. We love it when we can involve creative people and encourage them to imagine and create more artwork. 
   Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop is selling some of these masks and they are amazing. We also have one of our artists, Valerie Hacking, selling her mini masks that are beautiful. They can be for decorating, and put on American Dolls, use them on a Christmas tree or hang on a wall for decoration. The cost of putting this all together was paid for by Cultural Coalition Klamath County Grant and member artist donors.

   Other winners: Pulled From Nature: Hope Piper, Eye of the Beholder: Jen Rudeen, Party Mask: Valerie Hacking,  Most Unexpected  & CVIP Award: Kritis Lester, Heebie/Jeebie Award: Anathea Sparrow, Laugh Out Loud: Christy Dugger. (This is not complete list. Contact the Gallery for more awards)

Congratulations to Carole Nugent -
Winner of the 2022 Chiloquilters quilt raffle!

Carole Nugent Winner of quilt 2022.jpg
quliters 2021.jpg

Gallery Facebook News

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The quilting club, Chiloquilters, are hard at work at the Gallery every week.

Hats and scarves ~ all sizes, shapes, designs, and colors can be found at Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop in Chiloquin! Stop by today!


2021 Events

Harvest Art Festival on Halloween

Thank you everyone for another great Harvest Art Festival in Chiloquin!

Almost 90 people enjoyed the fun this Halloween! Two Rivers Art Gallery and Gift Shop, who sponsored the event, felt successful at "keeping kids safe and off the streets" and enjoying social fun which they need so badly now. Thanks to all who helped, supported this event financially, and attended. See you again next year!

Harvest Art Festival 2021
Harvest Art Festival 2021
Harvest Art Festival 2021
Harvest Art Festival 2021
Harvest Art Festival 2021

2021 Country Cabin Christmas Gala Open House

The Country Cabin Christmas was a great success. The Gallery was filled with customers and artists. Guests enjoyed participating in the drawings - there were 42 donations from our artists. Some donations were valued as much as $100 or more. We are still having the silent auction until December 7th when we will be drawing for the winners. Everyone who enters this auction has a great chance of winning!

We want to thank all those who came and participated in our event.  We gift wrap every gift, put them in decorative origami boxes, and put bows and ribbons on them. We put the artist’s business card in the boxed gift(s) so your recipient will know you bought locally and it was made by local artists. No box store items here! We will also ship packages for you and only charge you the shipping cost. We are here to serve!

We want to thank our artists who also came to the event. The guests loved talking to them and hearing their story about themselves as artists and their artwork.  

Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift shop has over 2,000 square feet of space filled with artwork and 95 local artists. We invite all of you to do your Christmas shopping at our Gallery as well as shopping for other gifts and bringing your friends and visitors to our Gallery for their enjoyment. Many are amazed at the unique and affordable artwork they find at our Gallery.

Please, feel free to do your Christmas shopping here…our shelves are full of unique artwork from our local artists!

Country Cabin Christmas Gala
Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 7.53.43 PM.png

2020 Events

Valentine's Dinner & Entertainment Fundraiser

Valentine's Dinner 2020

Two Rivers Art Gallery and Gift Shop put on the Annual Valentine Dinner at the Community Center in Chiloquin as a fundraiser for Chiloquin Community Builder’s Economic Development Team. They have plans to reconstruct some of our downtown historical buildings into living areas and well needed businesses. 80 people participated. We want to give our thanks to the Old Time Fiddlers, Pot Belly Cafe’s owner Dana Ward and all those who helped. It was a great success!

                                                                                                                                     - Judy Pate, Director

2019 Events

Enjoy a few photos from the 2019 Mask Mania!

(Photo by  Christine M. Hellner​)
(Photo by  Christine M. Hellner​)  M
(Photo by  Christine M. Hellner​)  M
(Photo by  Christine M. Hellner​)  M
(Photo by  Christine M. Hellner​)  M
Mask Mania 2019
Mask Mania 2019
Mask Mania 2019
Mask Mania 2019
Mask Mania 2019
Mask Mania 2019
Mask Mania 2019
Mask Mania 2019
Mask Mania 2019
Mask Mania 2019

Valentine's Dinner & Entertainment Fundraiser


The first year the dinner benefited our local Fire & Rescue Team in Chilolquin. Last year supported tourism: Painting the mural and putting two nice Tourism Signs at the Chiloquin Rodeo Grounds. This year also suppoerted Tourism but because the Team of people interested in bettering Chiloquin grew to 55 supporters, we wanted to also include the 12 projects this large team of supporters are planning for a better tomorrow for Chiloquin. 

Thank you to all who came to our Dinner and supported us and those who just wanted to donate to our great cause; create a better tomorrow for Chiloquin.

Fourth of July Parade in Chiloquin

Flogerzi Photography
The Gallery wins an awad for first place float entry

Two Rivers Art Gallery participated in the Fourth of July Parade in Chioquin and won the first place award! 

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