Enjoy a few photos from the first Mask Mania!

Winners Announced!

The month-long Mask Mania show at the Two Rivers Art Gallery in Chiloquin on Sunday, October 27th had a grand finish with a gala awards party. This first regional outreach event exceeded expectations and will be repeated. $150 for the overall fan favorite and $60 for the other 18 awards were presented.

Public Vote Awards
Overall fan favorite

(It was impossible but there can be only one):

Winner - Humberto Orea (Klamath Falls, OR)

Ripped from history/culture award

(It was sort of obvious):

Winner - Nicki Lee Meade (Springfield, OR)

Pulled from nature & Upcycled award

(Used found objects, junk or nature material):

Winner - Heather Smith (Ferndale, CA)

Glam award (It was just plain sooo beautiful):

Winner - Valerie Hacking (Sacramento, CA)

Party mask award (Showing up in this would feel great): Winner - Valerie Hacking (Sacramento, CA)

Heebie/Jeebie award

(We didn’t want to meet this in a dark alley):

Winner - Debbie Beckman (Klamath Falls, OR)

Laugh out loud award (This mask tickled the funny bone): Winner - Humberto Orea (Klamath Falls, OR)

Really? Is that a mask award (It was the most imaginative): Winner - Chris Hellner (Klamath Falls, OR)

Photo from PineNeedle Sculptures Facebook page)

Ross Ragland Theater award

(Judge: Terra Russo, Director of Development/Marketing)

Winner - Heidi Kester (Klamath Falls, OR)

Eye of the beholder award

(Most votes across the categories without a win):

Winner - Josiah Biddlecome (Chiloquin, OR)

Most praised in comments award

(Too unique for the categories):

Winner - Holly Garbutt (Ferndale, CA)

Judged Awards:
Out of state award (Judge: Madeleine Blake, Artist)

Winner - Evelyn Wallace (Bokeelia, FL)

Out of county award 

(Judge: Rich Bergstrom, Klamath Co. Cultural Coalition) 

Winner - Nicki Lee Meade (Springfield, OR)

Aspell family favorite award

(Judge: Susie Aspell) 

Winner - Hal Johnson (Chiloquin, OR)

Chiloquin Visions in Progress Board favorite 

(Judge: John Rademacher, Board President) 

Winner - Karyl Gudge (Chiloquin, OR)

Chiloquin Mayor’s award (Judge: Mayor Julie )

Winner - Humberto Orea (Klamath Falls, OR)

Fantasy story tale award (Judge: Jean Sinclair, Storyteller) Artist: Winner - Eve Thompson (Chiloquin, OR)

Special Awards:
Guinea Pig award (first mask received):

Winner - Jen Rudeen (Chiloquin, OR)

Obsessive/compulsive award (most masks submitted):

Winner - Valerie Hacking (Sacramento, CA)

The Duggers want to thank everyone for their participation!

Succesful Book Signing!

Josiah, one of our youngest artists, has expanded his talents as an author! Many people were there to sign up and buy Josiah's new book

"Infantry Soldier" at his book signing on August 3rd at the Gallery. Many who have read his book are amazed at his talent and determination. It's a lot of work to write a book and it is even harder to finish the book, edit the book, print the book, and market it.


You can buy his book at the Gallery for $10.50. Come into our beautiful Gallery and enjoy the many local artists and their beautiful artwork. It is right in the center of Chiloquin in the Community Center with over 3,000 square feet of art! 

Artist News


2019 Events

Valentine's Dinner & Entertainment Fundraiser

facebook post.JPG

The first year the dinner benefited our local Fire & Rescue Team in Chilolquin. Last year supported tourism: Painting the mural and putting two nice Tourism Signs at the Chiloquin Rodeo Grounds. This year also suppoerted Tourism but because the Team of people interested in bettering Chiloquin grew to 55 supporters, we wanted to also include the 12 projects this large team of supporters are planning for a better tomorrow for Chiloquin. 

Thank you to all who came to our Dinner and supported us and those who just wanted to donate to our great cause; create a better tomorrow for Chiloquin.

Fourth of July Parade in Chiloquin

Two Rivers Art Gallery participated in the Fourth of July Parade in Chioquin and won the first place award! 


Camera Club