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Reid clothing #2.JPG

Jeannette Reid

Jeannette is from Chiloquin. She is very excited about coming to Two Rivers Art Gallery and is looking forward to getting involved as a volunteer. She loves expressing herself through art and says, “It is the perfect combination for me.” She is trying to find her roots and learn traditions that seem to be disappearing. She is educated in 3D animation and digital movie editing from Video Symphony Lightwave Media School in Los Angeles, California. She is inspired by nature and often uses trees and animals in her paintings. Jeannette works as a painter and a seamstress using Pendleton wool which is her favorite textile, with its vibrant colors. The representation of American traditions is seen in her artwork. Pendleton material is known as such a durable fabric and is long lasting. Those who know about Pendleton materials know the value of using this fine material. She creates vests, moccasins, baby carriers, jackets, children’s clothes as well as adult clothing, and so much more. Come and see our Jeannette's expressive artwork.

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