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Terry and Camille woodwork.jpg

Terry & Camille Naylor

Terry and Camille are a team creating clocks and pictures on wood. The pictures are hand drawn using a burning technique. They are the perfect size for any home and they are beautiful! They love to give them a rustic look and yet they are finished with perfect attention to details. They create hand-crafted artworks for their relaxation. Both enjoy wild life. Their artworks are authentic Native American art using natural materials.

They live a bit out of our area but their artwork is so nice we decided to bring them into our Gallery. They chose Two Rivers Art Gallery because of the quality of art they saw as they visited us. Their comment was: "Two Rivers Art Gallery is one of the best and diversified galleries we have seen". We welcome Terry and Camille to our Gallery family. We invite all our viewers and supporters to come in to our Gallery and see their artwork and the many new artworks we now have due to new Artists coming in with unique art. What people say when they enter our Gallery is, "We have to come in here because there is always something new to see and the volunteers are so friendly". We are located on the main street of Chiloquin in our beautiful Community Center.

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