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Rich has been working professionally as a film maker. He won “Best of the Northwest” for his flyers, advertising plays and musicals. He also painted the back drops for the many plays where he was involved. As a watercolor artist, Rich is painting with watercolor using the theme: Crater Lake. Rich loves the way paper adds texture to his paintings. When he paints we feels he is capturing “a moment in time”. Rich and his wife Penny have been married to for 45 years. They have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. His whole family are musicians and artists. Rich works at the school in Chiloquin as a cook. He goes beyond the job description by playing instruments during lunch. Children inspire Rich as well as family, light, Christianity, and good food. Rich chose Two Rivers Art Gallery because of the amazing artwork he found in the gallery. He lives in Chiloquin and loves the small town feel. You are invited to come in and see Rich’s artwork.

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